MAFS Star Elizabeth Sobinoff's Sassy Comeback To An Instagram Troll 1

Married At First Sight star Elizabeth Sobinoff sent a defiant message to her haters on Sunday when she distributed a post to Instagram celebrating body positivity. In response, Elizabeth offered a sassy return that silenced her critic and drew almost a thousand loves from her fans. Her playback soon captivated more than 850 loves.

My bone framework was offending people! Share The Instagram post that sparked the exchange was a photo of Elizabeth posing in lingerie with the words ‘dense’ and ‘slim’ scrawled on her behalf stomach. She followed the image with a lengthy caption, where she attended to her recent 10-kg weight reduction and the criticism she has faced because of this.

I’m promoting anorexia, been informed I must experienced weight reduction surgery,’ Elizabeth began. She added: ‘My bone structure was offending people. Now apparently I’ve this revenge body, getting at the haters back again. Guys, could see this is that for my own body to be openly criticized is that there is such a focus on our weight and our shape. Let’s give a huge middle finger to being told how exactly we should look a certain way because we are worried of the assumptions. Elizabeth concluded: ‘We all have different body.

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As individuals our anatomies work in a different way, I’m open about how exactly mine will. In a recent interview with NW magazine, Elizabeth uncovered she had lost 10kg in the six months since filming Married At First Sight. Since January Elizabeth has lost 10kg. Her dramatic weight loss comes after she was controversially fat shamed by her ‘husband’ Sam Ball on the big day.

I’ve never really dated girls as large as Elizabeth in the past,’ Sam told makers, adding that he’d need to get her ‘working in the mornings to lose weight. It happened to me on national TV, but it happens to women every single day in the life,’ the NW was informed by her, reflecting on the excess fat shaming occurrence.

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