11 Plastic-free Skin Care Products Worth Buying 1

What’s the point of buying non-toxic pores and skin and body maintenance systems if you’re still left with a pile of non-recyclable plastic containers that will sit down for centuries and leach toxins into a landfill? A growing number of people might be rejecting conventional products in favour of safer ones, but more attention needs to be given to packaging. The problem is that packaging is not almost as glamorous as the product itself, and a customer’s desire to have the product will often outweigh concerns about packaging.

Despite this, I really do believe the tide is turning so slightly ever. Some companies, particularly small and homegrown operations, are beginning to think about the whole lifespan of their products. You’ll be able to find biodegradable, recyclable, and reusable product packaging, if you enough look hard. This list is hardly comprehensive, but at least it’s a start and can hopefully point you in a brand new direction when shopping.

This small skin care company is situated in Vancouver and sells all natural, Fairtrade products, a lot of that can come in green packaging. My favorite is the vegan lip balm, which comes in a compostable cardboard tube that you squeeze to apply upward. This wonderful-smelling lotion is made with Fairtrade, organic coconut oil. It comes in a recyclable glass jar with a steel screw-top lid, as do all this company’s products. The greenest product packaging is no packaging, of course, which is exactly what Lush does for its solid shampoo pubs. Lush recommends keeping the pub in a metallic tin. Manufactured from lovely almond beeswax and oil, this moisturizing cuticle cream will come in a metal tin intensively.

This coconut oil-based deodorant will come in a compostable paper tube for easy software and home composting. It has no preservatives, petro-chemicals, or artificial colours, nor will it test on animals. I’ve discussed Kari Gran’s high-end skin care products before, but it deserves mention again. All products come in dark glass, which is recyclable.

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This particular lip whip is a superb combo of balm and color. Refuse the complimentary brush if you don’t want any plastic material. Mascara is impossible to find with out a plastic tube almost, so I was delighted to encounter this vegan ‘mascara cake’ in my Internet research. It’s a homemade product sold on Etsy that is included with rave reviews from hundreds of shoppers. Apply with a mascara brush, which can be reused and cleansed for a long time. Manufactured from organic oils, this 2-in-1 concoction is all fragrance-free and natural.

It comes in a glass container, though it does have a plastic lid unfortunately. Ships to Canada and the U.S. If outside those countries, visit the Etsy shop. I haven’t individually attempted this deodorant, but it’s manufactured from baking soda pop, cocoa butter, and essential olive oil, which are similar to the homemade deodorant that I use and love. 2.25 if you wish to test it. Exfoliate that person with this luscious whipped scrub which has ground apricot kernel shells and tea tree essential oil. It comes in a 3.5 ounce glass jar with a metallic lid. A peppermint cream club made with shea and cocoa butters can help recover cracked, tired feet. It really is packaged in a metal tin.