I am very happy to show you as we speak the completion of one other mission that I started several weeks in the past. This being my 1912 Indian bike display that I’ve been placing together for my workshop. I put the ending touches on the challenge late this afternoon and I’m thrilled how it all turned out. Here is the completed venture that may actually brighten up my workshop. The tubing for the framework is commonplace 1/2 inch PVC conduit that I removed all the markings off of the tubing using acetone. This labored out so well that I have eradicated the thought of painting the tubing pink.

With the gray within the illustration of the Indian’s engine it seems to tie in nicely with your entire look of the show by leaving it gray with the crimson 3D printed mounting parts. So it saves me a bunch more work and that i can call it completed. This photo is of the nook fittings that I designed and 3D printed for the show framework.

The black cylindrical plugs slid easily into the pink fittings in order that the PVC tubing could be plugged into each nook of the frame. The black plugs had been merely glued in place using plastic modeling glue. These three assemblies are the hangers for the frame which again were designed so the a standard “Eye” bolt could be mounted to the higher portion of the printed elements.

This eye bolt is held in place with an higher exterior and decrease inside nut. I put a hex cavity within the upper inside portion of the elements so the nut wouldn’t spin when the eye bolt was mounted to the base elements. The middle meeting above is slightly totally different than the 2 out assemblies as this required a vertical PVC tube mount to tie it into the underside tube of the framework.

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This eliminated the sagging of the cross tubes when it can be hung up for display. Worked out quite nicely after i put it collectively in the ultimate meeting. In each of the corners of the framework are these triangular 1/4 inch thick plexiglass shapes. These I reduce out using my CNC machine and a milling bit for plastic. Did a nice job on these elements and only took about three minutes to make each one. The slot in the middle of the half is so the corner of the Indian bike banner may very well be pulled tight using a mounting clip assembly. Here are the clips that I discovered at my native dwelling and builders store.

These are referred to as tarp grabbers and the look and function of those little guys have been good for this project. 3.00. A superb value so I snapped them up as quickly as I found them. These odd little bits I designed for the tarp grabbers so that all the things might be tied into the nook plexiglass elements.

The first ones I made have been similar to what you see here however without the dimple on the aspect of the bottom. This turned out to trigger an interference drawback with the tarp grabber so these were designed to take care of that little problem. Here’s a very good shot of one of many corners of the framework with all the parts assembled and in place.