How To Make $500+ A Month In Passive Income With A Niche Site 1

7: Install Yoast SEO for WordPress and do on site SEO for all posts and web pages. Also review “The Bootstrapper’s Guide to SEO LINK CONSTRUCTING” Some of this borders on the spam world, but choose what you prefer. I used many of these general concepts when I got to go with my first niche site. 13: Create a superior quality pdf or email series to gather email addresses. 14: Repeat Steps 4 and 12, while continuing to build your social media channels and links for SEO.

500/month. Want to learn how to do this actually? Ok in this for the long haul? Cool, grab some coffee or a let and ale get going with this. A couple of years ago a pal of mine and I started a distinct segment site called HDR Software. For anybody who doesn’t know HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography is an activity where you take 3 versions of the same photograph where one is over-exposed, the first is under-exposed, and one is taken at normal exposure.

The software then allows you to combine these images to take one perfectly revealed image. I’d experienced a site structured around this process already, so that it was a natural fit to jump into the forex market. Yr we did very little paid SEO For the first, wrote all of our own content and really didn’t spend that enough time focusing on it. 3k/month. Things were great. We provided impartial reviews of software, along with tips for HDR success, and were making good profit the procedure. That’s whenever we started making errors. We employed our two different SEO companies to do some link building for us – believing them when they said it was all hands built, non-spammy links.

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A month into dealing with both of these, we couldn’t believe what we were seeing when we viewed our link information – nothing but spam. We canceled the accounts immediately – but the harm was done. A few months later the Google Penguin algorithm update happened, and our traffic dropped by about 75% overnight. The site still brings in sporadic revenue here and there, and with some attention, could easily get back to where it was pre-penguin certainly. Today, I’m going to share, just how to build a successful niche affiliate website.

More significantly, we’re going to do it in a manner that would make your mother happy. Crash Course: HOW WILL YOU Make Money on Your Website? To make sure we’re all on the same page Just, let’s talk real briefly about how we’re actually going to generate income through this site. However for the purposes of this post, we’re going to concentrate on affiliate marketing solely.

What is INTERNET AFFILIATE MARKETING? With regards to monetizing a distinct segment site, affiliate marketer links are the easiest way to begin with. What’s an affiliate link, you may be wondering? However for as easy as it sounds, actually getting traffic and getting people to buy products is a more difficult task that we’ll be covering comprehensive in this article.