A full airline flight on business course today. Appetizer of Duo of Smoked Salmon and Trout, with cherry tomato, lemon and sesame sauce. As this trip originates from Seoul, not surprising to find kimchi served up to speed. Ayi’s main span of Stewed Seafood with Rice, that was not too bad but was a tad too spicy, relating to Ayi. My main span of Ttuk Galbi Korean style braised beef, which sadly was not to my liking.

Two hours before arrival, a light refreshments was offered. Finally landed at KLIA at 1630, after a 6h30′ trip. The food wasnt so good this time around and team service is much less attentive as i like it to be (which always flunk whenever the airline flight is full), but nonetheless, it is still a pleasurable flight.

It was the railroads that guaranteed the commercial future of such towns as Chicago, Saint Louis, Omaha, and Kansas City by making them into gathering places and distribution centers for the nation’s prosperity of lumber, iron, wheat, cattle. For close upon the heels of railroad development followed the burgeoning of other gigantic sectors in metal, oil, sugar, meat-packing. Not merely was the late nineteenth century age consolidation, monopoly, multimillionaires; it was also age America’s rise to commercial supremacy among the nations of the world. By 1893 that supremacy had been achieved.

It would be a few years yet before this quick and exultant ascent to the pinnacle of industrial might was translated into imperial muscle-flexing; but its internal effects, its affects upon American culture, were pervasive. Especially, industrial supremacy made secure the power and position of the business owner not only in business and finance but also in politics and culture, and even in the fine arts. The entrepreneur’s public image, his extreme wealth and his conspicuous taste, made him a genuine American hero.

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The self-made multimillionaire was the man to emulate. He previously power, status, flexibility; he built mansions and collected artworks; he dominated industries and politicians-and simply by means of money. Thus also by 1893 America, now mainly a business culture, acquired gained that orientation which allowed Calvin Coolidge years to say later, “The business of America is business.” The “money ethic” got become a reputable value.

My cousin Shira demonstrated me around Brighton, a noiseless little community with the best twin bartenders a woman could ever shack up with. During dinner at Brown Sugar, the lights all of a sudden went (not intimate dimming, but total blackness) and a green strobe light began up. Then a pulsing beat, a Thai man singing a husky rock and roll version of “Happy Birthday” to someone we couldn’t see. For a full five or six minutes. Nobody reacted. Then the lighting arrived on, and it was business as usual. Who’s free next July 10? I’ll see you there.

The College of Business (certified July 1, 1972) provides an excellent management education to a diverse college student body which include those from historically disadvantaged backgrounds. THE FACULTY produces ethical, technologically advanced, diverse global leaders who provide creative business-centered solutions that promote financial and social advancement. The College of Business delivers its academic programs through four departments-Accounting; Economics, Finance, & General Business; Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management; and Management & Marketing.

The College supplies the Bachelor of Business Administration with seven concentrations, two experts programs-Master of Business Administration and Master of Professional Accountancy, and the PhD in Business Administration with majors in Accounting, Economics, and Management. Minors in Business Administration, Finance, and Marketing are offered to non-business majors. Student success is augmented through services of the guts for Academic and Professional Success (CAPS), which oversees the delivery of the College’s Professional Development curriculum, coordinates the College’s Internship programs, and advises student organizations. CAPS houses the Career Services Office also.

The Center for External Relations coordinates sponsored research, executive education, and advancement/development activities of the faculty, while the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) offers business counseling to existing and potential small businesses. THE GUTS for Research in Economic Education and Literacy in Finance (CREELF) has an academic reference for open public and private schools, K-12 students and teachers, and adult learners in the Urban Central Mississippi area. THE FACULTY houses a state-of-the-art Trading Room. THE FACULTY of Business is accredited by the Association for Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).