The Commonwealth Business Forum 2013 to be kept here in November will benefit Sri Lanka and offer a networking opportunity. 2 billion in investment by hosting this event, said Commonwealth Business Forum Chairman Mohan Kaul. The Commonwealth Business Forum will be held in Sri Lanka from November 12 to 14 at the Cinnamon Grand Colombo. Kaul told the gathering that is the very first time a Commonwealth Business Forum is to be kept in Sri Lanka.

Kaul said many Commonwealth countries will participate in the event, while non Commonwealth countries like China may also be invited to participate in the forum, providing a system for interactive networking. “The aim of the community forum is to bring in investment opportunities to Sri Lanka, but it is not simply Sri Lanka participating in the forum.

Therefore it’ll provide Sri Lanka an opportunity to invest in other Commonwealth countries. We are searching for an ‘Africa Sri Lanka collaboration through this forum also.” he said. The theme for this years Commonwealth Business Forum will be” the Indian Ocean as the countries surrounded by its waves are continuing in an evergrowing trend in conditions of business”. Around 1,000 participants will be present at the forum to broaden their horizons of opportunity, while 200 international delegates and 200 Sri Lankan companies will be energetic individuals. “The forum will concentrate on areas, such as, shipping and ports, agriculture, housing, tourism, education, IT and development in Sri Lanka. This discussion board will also provide opportunities for the private sector to increase its horizons, ” Kaul said. “There will be several conferences after the forum in Hambantota, Jaffna and Kilinochchi showcasing investment opportunities in these areas,” he said.

’re doing well and exactly how they can improve. “Our company gets busier and busier with all the current right projects-the ones that not only help our clients meaningfully move their business forwards, but also the ones that help usher within the next improvements,” creates one respondent. Keith Bevans minds up global expert recruiting for Bain & Company. Bain & Company resided up to its lofty specifications, carrying on to rank as the top consulting firm for Culture and Informal Training.

In the Vault survey, one Bain consultant defined the culture as a “collaborative, fun culture with extremely intelligent individuals who aren’t remotely conceited.” Another respondent boils the culture right down to two words: results focus. Keith Bevans, a Bain Partner and Global Head of Consultant Recruiting, lists “interest” as one of the culture’s main differentiators.

In recruiting, the solid weighs in at how passionate recruits are about work seriously, family, and hobby. This passion, he says, results in getting the best out in Bain’s clients. 1 focus for our people is doing what must be done for our clients to set new specifications for success in their industry,” he tells P&Q in an August interview. “We hire people who wish to do more than study from the work that they are doing just; they need their clients to reach your goals and also to be leaders in their respective industries. That’s a bit of a different focus since it is not me-focused but very client-focused.

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Ultimately, if your clients are successful, you learn a whole lot from the professionals on the journey; that will feed itself back on your own professional development and start a very virtuous cycle. Head to next web page for exclusive information on Bain, BCG, and Strategy&. BCG’s new NY office at 10 Hudson Yards – overlooking the Hudson River. Photo by Anthony Collins.

This penchant for interest and selfless sensibility allows Bain to rank among the top firms for Selectivity – the grade of talent brought into the firm. Bevans structures Bain as a company where exceptional people create remarkable teams – a symbiosis where “my success can’t happen without your success,” he says. 1 choice of business talent. His cause is certainly helped by the atmosphere surrounding the company.