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The Russians cut off the gas supply and infighting soon broke out between your various ruling factions. There was a scandal with Yushchenko’s son, progressively erratic behavior from Timoshenko and before we all sensed betrayed by those we had marched for long. The financial crisis hit at the final end of 2009. The Hryvnia, Ukraine’s currency, plummeted by 45%, GDP fell by 20%. It was the ultimate straw. When the Presidential elections emerged this year 2010 around, Viktor Yanukovych was politically reborn. His image and message newly polished by American political consultant Paul Manafort, he seemed to many Ukrainians a far more stable choice than his scandal ridden opponent, Yulia Timoshenko, despite her well-earned reputation for competence.

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He seemed like just the man to make Ukraine great again. He wasn’t. And soon the united states would again descend into turmoil once. I now go on the opposite side of the world from my friend Vitaly, so we don’t get to talk nearly as often as I’d like. But recently, we’d the opportunity to speak over Skype about events since Euromaidan and how they in comparison to how things were when we had that earlier conversation in my apartment.

Much has changed in the years that acquired recent. Our company, KP Media, have been sold for an investment group led by the chocolate tycoon Petro Poroshenko and Boris Lozhkin, the owner of a rival press company. Vitaly built an optimistic working romantic relationship with both men, although there were some tensions when Korrespondent came out with tales that made the routine uncomfortable, when bombshell pictures of Chief executive’s ostentatious property were released especially. Nevertheless, they interfered with Vitaly’s editorial independence never, beyond some occasional grumbles. Over time Yet, the stresses increased and in the summer of 201, just months before the Euromaidan protests began, Poroshenko received a ample offer from allies of President Yanukovych to buy the ongoing company.

As the sale experienced, Vitaly was given a contract to sign by the new owners. The first point was a ban on criticism of five individuals: Yanukovych, his son and three others near to the regime. They wanted to review all editorial content also, including advertising, before publication. Vitaly refused. They informed him if he didn’t comply, his profession would be completed. He told them, i assume I’ll have to find something else to do “then, but there is no real way I can recognize to these exact things.

There are some things I can’t do for just about any amount of money and, even if I could, my journalists wouldn’t accept it.” So he left and a significant portion of the editorial staff joined him. They would later establish a new newsmagazine and website, Novoye Vremya, with the support of independent investors.

As of the writing, its readership considerably surpasses that of Korrespondent. ” he continued. “People went to the legislature, went into government. They thought that they had to participate as well.” He also pointed out that the new officials acquired a much more international perspective. “In Yanukovych’s cabinet only two out of 20 people spoke English.