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  • A product must contain 10% or even more of L- ascorbic acid
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This will give you a sultry try looking in 2 minutes or less! Purpose: This brush is pretty self-explanatory, but to put it simply, it is a brush, either angled or pointed, that is meant to range the form of your vision. Tip: Since applying eye liner can be such a pain, I would recommend starting at the advantage of your vision with the wing.

Create the slant extending outwards, without getting it too much up. Then, go to the inner corner of your eye, and keep the brush directly on the lash line, connecting it to the end of the wing. You have this range created Now, go directly to the surface of the wing, and start to bring it towards the inner corner of your eye inwards.

Now, complete the space, and voila! You have mastered the winged-linger! Purpose: The brow grooming brush is intended to tame your brows and prepare them to be shaped or filled in. I recommend finding one that consists of an angled brush on the finish as this can be your go-to tools to prep and dress your brows with!

Note: Can’t find a double-sided brush? You can always use your angled vision liner brush to form your brows as well! That is part of the “Knowing your tools” thing I stated in yesterday’s post and now you observe how understanding each brush will come in Handy! As always readers, thank you for scanning this post! You are hoping by me loved reading this whether you are a beginning beauty a curious musician, or just in the market for some great affordable brushes! Check back tomorrow, same time and place for the third and final part of the review concentrating on Other Beauty Tools and Brush Maintenance! Also, if you never have done so already, be sure to follow me on Instagram to maintain with forthcoming blog announcements, quick product raves and reviews, look of the day, beauty tips, and inspiration, plus much more!