Hello, Fellow fun-lovers, I’ve been stumbling upon these bits of Nonsense Sites occasionally, every right time I surf the net. Maybe you’ve stumbled upon some of these yourselves or perhaps, a friend may have emailed or sent you silly links sending one to a few of the nonsensical, strange sites and weird places online.

Just anticipate to lose a little of your precious time because you will surely get connected checking these foolish sites out. So there, I’ve lined up a few of the fun senseless and pointless sites I stumbled upon so that I possibly could talk about some fleeting if not countless fun with you!

Nonsensically Strange Websites Alert! Are your brain cells ready for this fun nonsense? It is the rainbow pop tart kitty that may bring you airs of smiles or seas of annoyance depending on your conception on rainbow pop tart pet cats. You ought to have heard about Nyan Cat once in a while before ‘on this cat’s reputation is amazingly shaking depends upon today.

It’s all kitty and it’s really all mean so let’s sing! Play the “Dumb Ways To Die” online video and start to see the dumbest ways to perish nowadays. Who have thought these dumb ways to die are really dumb but indeed very near to reality. It may seem to be full of funny nonsense but again it seems to mystically spout some sense then.

  • That means looking into the exhibition first – rather than just hoping
  • No one else appears like an obvious pick
  • Small tiles on Start screen
  • July 1
  • Click Scan Now
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With a fantastic animation, cute heroes, and an excellent musical melody, Dumb Methods to Die is truly a great internet find with nonsense that actually makes some sense. You have been warned! You’re time is perfect for naught on this strange website red button! As I’ve said for the nth time, USUALLY DO NOT Press The Red Button! Then this Color Turn site may get you into clicking and dragging setting. Click and pull the page and voila Just! Watch as the colors before your eye flip.

Oh, why, oh why? Therefore, I SMASHED THEM! This site of cartoon Annoying Beans will get on your nerves if you don’t crush them in one dropped swoop. Well, sorry beans nevertheless, you are frustrating too. Yeah, this is focused on a browser revolving around your screen. Everything revolves up to the sites you are looking and everything you click. The Revolving Internet is all about trend as its name-sake says.

As an added bonus, they have a somewhat sluggish vocals even. Ghosts, Ghouls, The Unknown, and much more unexplainable creepy things nowadays are often most regarded my people as nonsense. Some believe them, some not, some sees scary sites as fun and some as pranks. Here, a collection will be found by you of the scary websites and the scariest things you could find on the internet. Scariest Things on the Internet are yours to conquer.