Zack Smith Photography creates unique business headshots and environmental portraits for advertising agencies, colleges, non-profits, small businesses, and visual branding for performers. For the last twenty years Zack has been a respected source in high quality creative photography and business headshots shipped for printing, web, and applications as well as picture taking workshops in the New Orleans area.

Zack may help you develop and acquire a technique for producing your next photo capture or business head shot in the New Orleans and Louisiana Gulf Coast region. Zack’s studio is situated in Uptown New Orleans and is booking now currently. Let’s Collaborate on your next branding and article marketing, professional business portrait, headshot, or conference photography needs.

CLICK HERE TO BOOK THE NEXT HEADSHOT! ZACK SMITH: New Orleans Photographer. Creative brand driven dynamic photography is actually what it’s about. For over 20 years Zack Smith Photography has been the respected source for creating original photography for nationwide and local brands, lifestyle picture taking, and just about anything involving a passion for people and products. Chase Bank NA, NIKE, KREWE, New Orleans Tourism and Marketing Corporation, New Orleans French Market Corporation and the Food Network are only a few of the businesses Zack has collaborated with to create their result driven photography.

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