In real world, we have a status or stage for every instance always, same well as though we implement in CRM record, each record can have multiple stages and you may need to control it. Think about Business Process Flow? Now, in CRM 2013 we also have the Business Process Flow. This feature apparently is utilized to guide a record is managed by you by process one by one.

And also if you see in the ultimate Stage, Closing, if you would like to deactivate the record you need to control it using workflow or programmatically. So, in this article, my point is to accentuate status reason can be useful to control phases. I make an effort to translate the Requirement to Status Reason now.

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Hm..Where is the control? Well, by default, users can select and change the position immediately without control as they like. Now, we have to control! Status Reason, which you shall see this button! You can only just proceed to ‘Presentation’ and you also can’t back again to the first state. And so forth until you reach the final step.

Let’s say you have another scenario, for example from Tender Briefing you know the Requirement and then the prospect already knew your business Profile because your company is famous! So, to enhance and speed up sales process you allow salesperson to miss the stages and straight forward go to Proposal or Demo. While we focus to the sequence that still allow still, such as from Presentation to Proposal and so forth. Now, we start again comparing this with new CRM 2015 Feature for BPF that is branching for process.

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