3 – because of all my old & new fans! I’m very pleased to all readers and subscribers for helping me achieve and preserve this position. Making A Mark has also broken into the top 30 art blogs worldwide. The Top 25 UK Arts & Culture Blogs. Online now: the October edition of the Top 25 UK Arts & Culture Blogs.

Guardian favorites and a slew of impartial bloggers racing up the charts – it’s all here. I bought an iPad on Wednesday (does this mean I now qualify as a confirmed Apple enthusiast?). On Friday I drew my very first ever digital sketch using the Brushes iPad application on Friday while sitting in the Friends Room at the Royal Academy.

When I started this post, there is just the tiny business of now needing to work out how to get it off the iPad! I’d not yet got that far in The Missing Manual! However, in wanting to post it to my sketchbook blog – see Wet night time at Burlington House- I exercised I could get it off by sending it to Flickr. I stepped down today (visit a Birthday and a Goodbye) from 2 yrs of being the blogmaster for UKCPS News, the blog of the united kingdom Colored Pencil Society.

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I’m currently nurturing a new and related development which I’m hoping to state more about in the near future. Sketching as a last end, Not a Means is an exhibition by veteran abstract painter Thomas Nozkowski about. It’s also about Drawing to COOL OFF. However it’s interesting because it focuses on drawing as a way of resolving psychological entanglements with paintings – and pertains to drawing at the end rather than the beginning. What’s especially interesting is that Nozkowski, having been taught by Abstract Expressionists, feels in the theory of avoiding the preparatory sketch and any preconception of where you can go with a painting and the take action of painting as a ‘hot’ activity.

He has begun to use sketching as a cool-down exercise rather than a warm-up. The show features 19 pairs of works, each one a painting and a smaller, corresponding focus on paper in ink, pencil, and gouache. I guess this might perplex those who think anything done with a brush is a painting rather than a drawing? Marion Boddy-Evans (Marion’s Painting Blog) asks Is a Single-Color Painting Art?

I’m liking Kelly Sanford’s blog Fresh from the Easel. She rose paintings have a brand new observational approach. I’ve not discovered the Palette Knife Painters blog before – and it’s really a great idea. It’s been ready to go since April and it is another community blog a little like Daily Painters. This is the website and blog of the Pre-Raphaelite Society – a global society for the analysis of the lives and artwork of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.