Lap BandTM (or adjustable gastric music group) surgery can cause many long-term complications. These complications often lead to gastric band removal. Unfortunately, unlike other bariatric surgical procedures, Lap BandTM surgery introduces a foreign body to your stomach. Because of this, the risk of complications raises overtime; one study found that every year after surgery provides a 3-4% increase to the problem rate.

Long-term, complication rates are very high: over one-third of patients experience at least one problem. If you suffer from obesity and want to lose weight and live a wholesome life, then you deserve a much better option than Lap BandTM surgery. Because of the real health concerns associated with gastric band surgery in Denver, our double-board-certified bariatric surgeon no longer offers Lap BandTM surgery at the BMCC.

If you’re looking for bariatric surgery or are struggling with long-term complications of a Lap BandTM, please go on and contact our Denver office and we’ll be pleased to recommend a safer, far better solution. This Lap BandTM side effect occurs when the band erodes through the external stomach wall right into the inside part of the tummy. This makes the Lap BandTM treatment less effective: patients often end up feeling hungrier, because the Band doesn’t restrict how big is the abdomen as well.

  • It enables you to individualise care for each individual patient
  • You still can eat the stuff you liked, just modify it to the total amount you can escape with
  • You are less inclined to develop cancer, heart disease, stroke, etc
  • No daily Charging Needed; extended battery pack life: about 7-10 days standby time/4 times working time

Band erosion can also cause progressive infection in some cases, which can be life threatening. As the music group is a foreign object, your body might not respond well to it. Your body may develop extreme scar tissue formation. Band intolerance can result in progressive nausea, vomiting and reflux that may not permit fills. Even worse, these symptoms might not improve when the fill fluid is removed.

In these instances, the only solution is music group removal. Because the music group hardware is a foreign body, there will always be a small chance of the band or port becoming infected. An infection requires music group and slot removal often. Band slippage problems can include vomiting, gastric perforation, and acid reflux. It is caused when the music group slips out of the correct place, downward on the stomach usually. Although good surgical technique can somewhat decrease the slip risk, this risk can be completely removed. Even when the slip is corrected, over half of patients experience recurrence.

Often, this requires music group removal repair this nagging problem. Esophageal dilation can be an enlarging of the esophagus, which can occur 5-7 years after your band has been placed. As the esophagus dilates it begins to reduce its normal function of pushing food downward toward the abdomen. At the same time, the valve between your esophagus and the belly may become less effective.

This can result in difficulty swallowing, vomiting, and worsening heartburn (or acid reflux disorder). This Lap BandTM problem because occurs, in the lack of a music group slip even, pieces of food can be caught in the narrowed tummy opening constricted by the music group and scar tissue formation. This laparoscopic adaptable gastric band problem can be triggered by eating inappropriate foods or not chewing well. However, this gastric banding problem may also be caused by unexpected altitude changes, which cause the abdomen to swell and makes the music group too tight.

It may also be caused by a buildup of scar tissue formation, which may be some peoples’ responses to the intro of a foreign body (the Lap BandTM). Patients often have to vomit the stuck food online backup. In some full cases, you might not be able to tolerate eating or drinking again until fluid is removed from your band.

The stomach will often stretch out above the band, which makes the band less effective. This Lap BandTM complication makes your abdomen pouch effectively bigger, leading to out-of-control hunger that can cause weight regain. Sometimes the inner balloon part of the band or the tubing near the port can break down and leak the saline solution used as fill fluid.