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Around £4billion now rests in limbo, with anxious traders unsure when they will be able to access their nest eggs, or what those cost savings will be well worth in the future. Supposedly blue-chip companies such as Rolls Royce, Provident Financial, and the AA have all suffered huge falls after being added to his portfolio, costing his fund huge sums.

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Meanwhile, a string of speculative wagers on smaller firms has also flipped sour. Around £4billion now sits in limbo, with anxious investors uncertain when are going to able to gain access to their nest eggs, or what those savings will be worthy of in the foreseeable future. Woodford, of course, will not starve, but it’s nonetheless a blow for a guy that has always had a lofty opinion of his own skills. Asked about his perceived arrogance, he once said: ‘A good fund manager has to have a balance of arrogance and humility.

Today it is the people who trusted Neil Woodford using their life cost savings who are doing the questioning. Monday On, star fund manager Neil Woodford made the shock decision to block withdrawals from his flagship Equity Income Fund. The move has sent shockwaves across the City – but exactly what does it suggest for regular traders?

What’s happened to Woodford’s Equity Income finance? On Monday, the country’s best-known finance supervisor, Neil Woodford, barred savers from taking their money out of the finance for at least 28 times. All trading in it has been suspended. Investors cannot buy, sell, or transfer shares – also called models – no new stocks will be released. Why getting the fund been suspended?

In a statement, Woodford Investment Management said this is to ‘protect’ traders. Investors have been withdrawing their cash from the account in swathes, increasing alarm bells that Woodford may not have the ability to pay them back again quickly without further harming the worthiness of the finance. Under normal circumstances, the amount of money being spent into a fund would be roughly the same as what’s being applied for. Or, if the fund is growing, it will exceed withdrawals.