Who is responsible for taxation in south Africa? The South African Revenue Services (SARS) is accountable for taxation in South Africa. What income measures how a firm manages assets to generate income effectively? How does the government gather revenue in South Africa? It collects taxes through the South African Revenue Services. Has the global world Cup 2010 been good for South Africa? Yes, it has brought South Africa a lot of income and foreign investors from all over the world. It has also put South Africa on the map in conditions of a holiday destination.

How will south Africa to reap the benefits of gold mining? It’s authorities and investors gain revenue. Who collects VAT in South Africa? How does MySpace generate revenue? How does Discovery Channel generate income? Is equipment considered an asset or revenue? Equipment is an asset for the business which is usable in business to create revenue.

Whats the difference between an resources ability to generate revenue and its ability to generate profit? The difference between an asset’s capability to generate income and its ability to generate revenue is generating revenue identifies the asset producing a cash flow that is linked right to the asset. If the asset there was not, then no money would be made.

Assets that generate revenue do not produce cash directly, but influences rival and consumer behavior with the intention of producing more revenues. What measures how a firm uses its assets to generate revenue effectively? The measure on how effectively a firm uses its assets to create revenue is the profit margin.

This will see whether the company is running at a profit or baffled. Define the conditions cost center profit center revenue center and investment center? How exactly does Illinois generate the majority of their revenue? They create it by getting paid from the Federal government and planning for battle and labels. Just how do governments generate revenue? Taxation is important since it is the main source of income to finance government shelling out for services and infrastructure.

How local government generate revenue? So how exactly does slum tourism generate income? What sports create the most revenue? Some of the sports that generate the most revenue include soccer and football. Soccer is the most watched sport globally and that’s the reason it generates a lot of income from television rights and corporate sponsorships.

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What type of revenue do movement meters generate? Flow meters have historically constituted one of the largest sources of industry revenue. How came South Africa investing on gas-fired power stations? South Africa is investing on gas-fired power stations because gas is a cheaper natural source, it is efficient and does not create a complete great deal of pollution when it is burnt to generate electricity.

Where is apartheid from? South Africa. South Africa. South Africa. South Africa. South Africa. South Africa. South Africa. South Africa. South Africa. South Africa. Is depreciation revenue expenses? Yes, depreciation is income expenses as it incurs every year to generate income and capital costs is that expenditure which is incurred for just one time for you to earn income for more than one fiscal year.