Build A Website For YOUR HOUSE Design Company

Site Designer is a website-building tool for home building, remodeling and design experts with a Houzz profile. In under 15 minutes, you can change Houzz content into your own customizable website. To start using the Site Designer, sign up now! So, how exactly does the Site Designer work? House uses the info on your professional profile, including task reviews and photos, to create a customizable website.

Your new site is automatically optimized for desktop and mobile. Do I must be considered a home professional to make a website? Yes. Only Houzz users with professional profiles can create websites with Site Designer. If you’re a redesigning professional but haven’t created a specialist profile yet, sign up for Houzz.

How will I create my website? Creating a website with Houzz Site Designer is easy and quick. First select a theme. Then customize by adding your logo, a welcome message, and more. Click Publish, and you’re done! Can I personalize my site? House Site Designer provides several options for customizing your site. Choose a theme, add a text message, and choose the photos you want to feature. You can even customize the fonts and colors.

Make graphics easy and simple to read. Screen resolutions can vary from computer to computer, so be delicate to those learners who may be operating low-resolution systems. Humanize the class. Ask learners to contribute information about themselves and their interests to get to know them and help them feel a part of the group.

Ask participants to type …

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