Ruth Handler and her husband Elliot co-founder of Mattel Toy Company were the makers of the iconic Barbie. Ruth noticed that her child and her friends used paper dolls and provided them adult tasks often. She insisted Elliot manufacture adult-looking dolls but he was unenthusiastic about the idea.

Finally when Ruth visited Germany, she saw an adult figured doll, Bild Lilli and bought some sample dolls back again to Mattel. Elliot made a decision to test it out for two asked Jack Ryan to design the doll. The doll was called Barbie after Ruth and Elliot’s child Barbara then. Barbie doll made her debut on 9th March, 1959 at the American International Toy Fair in NY. This date is also used as Barbie’s birthday. Barbie’s first look portrayed arched brows, pursed red lips, a sassy ponytail with curly bangs and a sideways glance. She wore a black and white bathing suit, accessories that separately were sold. Barbie’s instant popularity was a boon for Mattel.

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Soon after twelve months in 1960 Barbie got her first job as a designer. Since then Barbie offers over 130 different careers. Different Barbie dolls wear different clothes and accessories matching the career they portray best. The year after her first job, Barbie’s boyfriend Ken was introduced in 1961. Ken was called after the true name of Ruth and Elliot Handler’s kid, Ken Handler. Ken was the first member presented in Barbie’s family.

More family members and friends have implemented as the decades progressed. Later in 2004 on Valentine’s Day Mattel announced Barbie and Ken’s split up. And 2 yrs Mattel launched a more muscular looking doll as Ken later. Barbie has always had the hottest trends and careers. She has been the trend setter. Even before a man arranged on moon Barbie was an astronaut in 1965. This doll prompted girls to capture out for the superstars.

In 1971 Barbie got a completely new look. The designers of Barbie redesigned her look remember how America acquired changed since 1959. Barbie’s face was re-sculpted with an open up smile and pearly white teeth. She acquired right locks and a California personality. A major change was the eyes that looked forward instead of the sideways look. Using the turn of the decade Barbie diversified adding African, Hispanic, and American Barbie dolls in 1980. Barbie does come in different skin tones now. Barbie Collector 2012 Holiday Doll Buys Now Just about everyone has childhood recollections of Barbie dolls as Christmas gifts.

The first Holiday Barbie Doll was launched in 1988 (1st dolls in the image above) and the dolls were immediately sold out. Mattel then realized that there was a huge market for adult Barbie doll enthusiasts and introduced a Holiday Barbie doll each year. It has been one of the very most popular Barbie series and the majority of the girls now have the Happy Holiday doll as their Christmas present.

The 2012 Holiday Barbie is the latest in the series and wears a beautiful red dress. In 1992 Mattel made some changes to Barbie’s iconic number. In addition to that the Totally was introduced by them Hair Barbie Doll. The doll acquired long hair and gained popularity with little Barbie enthusiasts then soon.

The Totally Hair Barbie doll turned out to be the highest offering Barbie doll for Mattel. Barbie I Can Be President Barbie Campaign were only available in 1992. This Presidential Barbie motivates girls to target high. The 2012 Barbie I COULD Be President (3rd from the right in the image above) broke a fresh ground as she is the first doll in Barbie’s 53 calendar year background to stand upright on her behalf foot. The doll is also designed by Chris Benz who’s main ladies favorite designer. Barbie doll today looks like the main one in the image above. She looks stunning in the various fashion outfits that she portrays.

She still is still the most popular doll among kids. Yes, it is thought by you right! Barbie cafe is all about pink. And that is not all to give the feel of a genuine Barbie illusion world the waitresses wear red tutu skirts, glittery tiara, and a Barbie arm-music group. Male waiters make an effort to appear to be Ken.

Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror keeps an iPad and uses augmented reality technology for girls to take pleasure from dress-up play. Girls may use the mirror to use eye shadow, lipstick, glitter, and color onto their face. The digital mirror uses facial tracking technology to keep carefully the digital makeup in place on a girl’s face. Kids can also save their looks on the scrapbook and later discuss it on Facebook or other cultural tools.