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We show that after enabling different levels of the business cycle, a stronger relationship between stock news and prices is evident. Furthermore to stock prices, we examine the result of real activity news on proxies for expected cash flows and equity discount rates. We find that when the economy is strong the currency markets respond negatively to news about higher real economic activity. This negative relation is triggered by the bigger increase in discount rates relative to expected cash moves. Most users should register with their email address. If you authorized with a username, please use that to sign in originally.

Every church leader should read often Ezekiel 34, where God confronts the shepherds who’ve not tended and cared for His flock, but have used it for his or her own selfish ends. He shall call us to account! In verse 7, the Hebrews is informed by the author to remember and imitate the faith of the market leaders who have eliminated before them.

In verse 18, these are asked by him to pray for him, and in verses 20-21, he models prayer by praying to them. Here is specifically where American business concepts do not apply to the local chapel. The chapel is never to be run as a business, where we make plans and implement those plans according to the best of human wisdom. The chapel is to move forward by beliefs in the living God and by reliance on Him through prayer. Our purpose as church market leaders are never to business lead by our collective intelligence certainly but rather to get the mind of god, the father for His chapel as we wait around upon Him by prayer and beliefs.

Speaking for myself (and, I’m sure, for all the elders, too), I’m in way over my mind! I don’t have all the answers that I have to lead this local chapel. I don’t know enough to guide people through complex personal problems. As a result of this, prayer isn’t only a formality at the beginning of elder meetings or counseling sessions. It’s an essential lifeline to the living God! Everything that we do as a chapel should be achieved through faith and prayer! The writer mentions Timothy, who has been released from prison just. Paul had exhorted Timothy (2 Tim.

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“Therefore do not be ashamed of the testimony of our Lord or of me His prisoner, but join with me in suffering for the gospel based on the power of God.” Apparently, Timothy had followed Paul’s admonition. We easily could face persecution for our beliefs in the years forward, and the leaders are the main targets for the enemy always. Even if we do not suffer persecution from without, leaders must be ready to suffer criticism and personal attacks, often from those in the church. 1:303-327) contains an entire chapter on the first criticisms and slanders that were leveled against him, often by other pastors.

Late in his life, he experienced a great many other unfair episodes because he stood against the growing liberalism in the Baptist Union. Market leaders who keep to biblical truth will face such episodes tightly, because no matter how you say it kindly God’s truth always offends someone. They directly don’t dare attack God, so they attack the first choice who delivered the message.

It is never fun, but it goes with the working job. Godly church leaders are responsible to lead Thus, and a primary way that they do so is by walking personally with God. 3. Godly church market leaders are responsible to interact. “Leaders” are plural. The brand new Testament clearly shows that command in the local church is to be plural (Acts 14:23; 20:17; Titus 1:5). Plural leadership is a safeguard against the abuse of authority. Also, the task of shepherding a local church is too ideal for one man significantly, unless the chapel is very small.