What Should Your Next Steps Be? 1

All businesses encounter troubles and must deliver bad news. Bad news can be disappointing, irritating, and maddening to the receiver of the message even; consequently, such communications must carefully be written. All businesses encounter difficulties and must deliver bad news. Bad news can be unsatisfactory, annoying, and even maddening to the receiver of the message; as a result, such messages must be written carefully. If the recipient of a negative message feels the news was revealed sensitively, bad feelings can be reduced.

Be sure to reduce the bad emotions associated with negative text messages by making sure that the receiver knows the reasons for the rejection, feels the news headlines sensitively was revealed, and thinks the matter was managed fairly. An insincere negative message can be confusing and frustrating to the receiver. The message should not lead the reader to believe it was sent in error; this misinterpretation of the problem could be damaging to the reader. Negative messages should explain the bad news clearly.

Read the scenario, and answer the question then. A shipping company that your business started using a month ago regularly inflates its shipping rates, does not meet scheduled deliveries, and loses packages. You decide to write a letter to the shipping company to get rid of the carrying on method of trading. What are your targets when communicating this message? Check everything that apply.

Project a professional image. Explain and completely clearly. Establish an angry tone. When communicating bad news to the shipping company (or generally), you should create these goals: Explain obviously and completely, task a specialist image, communicate empathy, be fair, and keep maintaining friendly relationships. Don’t create animosity or use an irritated tone.

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You may not desire to continue the business with the delivery company right now; however, you might find that you’ll require their services in the foreseeable future. Maintain goodwill when you are realistic and professional. Thinking through the entire writing process is especially important when you are delivering bad news. The true way bad news is exposed determines how it is accepted.

Thus, you should carefully follow the 3-x-3 writing process to be sure that your message is well planned and delivered. Read the situation, and then answer the question. You are the president of the toy-manufacturing company that has uncovered its bendable action numbers tend to break too easily and present a choking threat. You will need to compose a note to your visitors handling this problem. You’ve completed Phase 1 of the writing process. What when your next steps be? Check all that apply.

Jot down reasons that clarify the bad news. Conduct any necessary research. After analyzing, anticipating, and adapting your message, you should complete Phase 2 of the writing process. Phase 2 requires one to collect information, research as necessary, brainstorm for ideas, organize your ideas, and compose your message. When composing negative messages, avoid vocabulary that could cause legal problems for you.

Read the scenario, and then answer the question. You will be the owner of a design/build architecture firm. The subcontractor you employed to install drywall broken, expensive woodwork on the staircase. You have demanded that the subcontractor purchase the damage he caused. Unfortunately, in an e-mail message to the subcontractor, your site foreman included the following word: “You need to displace the woodworking on the stairs.