In Hong Kong we hardly ever hear what “gender equality”. It might seem it is because women in Hong Kong have just about the same protection under the law as men. On August 30 After observing the Pass up Hong Kong pageant finals, I realised this is unquestionably not the case. Beauty pageants perpetuate sexist attitudes that degrade women, which reflects a deep-rooted problem that we are facing in society.

Beauty pageant contestants face daily ridicule on the internet for everything they say or do privately or publicly. They are given degrading nicknames by the multimedia and are numbered like racehorses during tournaments. They have to wear skimpy clothing and are awarded grades for how quite they look. They’re judged on their beauty and body numbers, as chose by male judges. Because the audience, we enjoy the activity facet of these tournaments; we applaud, we laugh and we vote, but we are not always alert to the message beauty pageants actually send.

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Firstly, beauty pageants show women that their self worth originates from physical beauty. They encourage contestants to comply with normative beauty benchmarks, fostering “destructive perfectionism and self-criticism”. Some contestants do so with the aid of plastic eating and surgery disorders, which are harmful to both a person’s physical and mental health. Beauty pageants around parade these women, objectify them, and force them to submit themselves to be judged based simply on the physical appearance.

This year’s victor, Louisa Mak, ensnared the public’s attention because of her outstanding academic background. Mak is a legislations graduate from Cambridge University who also have 10 Just as the HKCEE in ’09 2009. Throughout the competition, she was dubbed a frontrunner because she is not only beautiful but also smart. Lots of individuals even wondered why she’d want to take part in such a competition, since she possessed such a solid track record already.

Mak quoted Emma Watson to describe why she wanted to be a part of the pageant. “‘If not me, who? If not now, when? ’” she said, insisting that she hopes to be an influential body who are able to favorably affect world one day. She believed that the speediest way she could easily get her voice heard in society was by firmly taking part in the pagaent. Just like Mak, other contestants possessed their own motives for taking part.

Some wanted to gain more life experience; others discovered the pageant as a way to crack the fun industry. These women all learned what these were registering for and were ready to give up their personal flexibility and even often strip right down to their underwear to take part. Their sacrifice and bravery should be praised and their perseverance to go after their dreams should be commended. However, while everyone’s choices in life should be respected, these contestants need to realise what their choices mean for the rest of society.