Women Say A FAVORITE New Device To "REMOVE Cellulite" Left Them Injured 1

A twist on a vintage cellulite-busting product based on flimsy technology has found new life through Facebook advertisements focusing on women. The FasciaBlaster, a vinyl stick to four octopus-like massage claws, is a viral click. On the Today show and further It’s received attention from the likes, and gained more than 290,000 fans on Facebook. Its inventor, Ashley Black, affirms it can “get rid of cellulite” and break up fat cells.

“I used to be desperate,” said Julia Lefebvre, a 49-year-old original FasciaBlaster buyer who advised BuzzFeed News she discontinued using the tool and still has bruises six months later. “Women are so self-conscious with their body, it’s almost instant gratification you get when you move that claw across your skin therefore you get bruises.

It’s almost like reviews, but in our heads it’s like why would women – extremely clever women – buy into this? “We take the welfare and security in our users very seriously,” the ongoing company said in an assertion. The company said this “small fringe group” of social media “haters” represents only .017% of Black’s total audience. It suspects that at least 500 of the “hater profiles” are fraudulent. John Morton, main of bariatric and minimally invasive surgery at Stanford Health Care, informed BuzzFeed News a bruise is actually a collection of blood vessels beneath the skin area.

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“A bruise does not equivalent fascia being broken up,” he said. And although Black says the FasciaBlaster doesn’t bruise healthy cells when properly used, “anybody can get bruised. There also isn’t any scientific evidence for Black’s remarks that cellulite can be massaged out of the body, Mathew Avram, a health care provider with Massachusetts Basic Medical’s Dermatology Beauty and Laser beam Corps, told BuzzFeed News.

“It’s hard to say something definitely works or doesn’t work without having a clinical investigation that goes under scrutiny of scientists that aren’t involved with the merchandise,” he said. As for perceived improvement, he said any reduced appearance of cellulite from using the FasciaBlaster may be a result of temporary bloating that conceals the cellulite. Although there haven’t been any published medical studies on the device, the ongoing company has performed its 90-day investigation. The total results, posted on the company’s website, show the subjects’ before-and-after pictures, and claim the device decreased fat thickness and the looks of cellulite.

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