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Wirral’s Irene Wales spent 15 years building her education and self-confidence to perform her own business. Now Irene has realized her wish, putting her passion and experience into setting up ‘Wirral & Cheshire Therapy & Assessment”. Irene had worked always, but she wished to create a career for herself that she could keep on into retirement and wanted that business to be something that she truly loved. As an Approved Mental PHYSICIAN and a Best Interests Assessor Irene said, “My job was difficult, some components of it were related to my training, but it became legalistic rather than healing progressively.

I wanted to do something using the therapy skills I’ve developed through the years and I just wasn’t getting the chance in my job. In her own times of difficulty or stress Irene acquired looked at all of the therapies on offer and begun to practice mindfulness herself. Learning that which was away to help people Irene said she realized that “It works there!” and for that reason focusing on therapeutic education seemed natural to her. “I’ve always had a love because of this type of thing and have done a lot of training over the last 15 years.

I’ve acquired my canal sail boat for approximately 9 years and I always thought it might be nice to do therapy classes on the website. “I didn’t have a hint how to proceed. “My previous work experience was all service related, never related to primary skills needed to run a small business.

Coming to The Women’s Organization I expected that I’d be the only person they’re as clueless as I used to be. Every one of the team experienced such great skill and endurance. The information given on the courses was excellent and the presenters were very skilled and experienced. I was impressed that they were able to meet up with the needs of more and more people with such diverse backgrounds and business ideas.

The degree of service and ability of the team at WO is of a really high standard. My worries were all dealt with one at a time in a useful and patient manner, whether this is on a one-to-one basis or in an organization. Whenever I put questions there is a person who could answer me or help me to get the answer, or the right person, to signpost me towards support.

Now I understand I’ve got the basics protected, so I’m not worrying a lot, I’m really glad I didn’t try to take action without their help. Now ready to go ‘Wirral & Cheshire Therapy & Assessment’ provide a variety of health insurance and well-being services including hypnotherapy, EFT, NLP, mindfulness, psychotherapy, unbiased, and needs assessment. Following their overwhelming support, Irene has made her business a genuine family affair.

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Looking back again Irene shows on what her young self could have considered her entering business in her 50’s stating “Growing up I never thought I’d be considered a business woman. I never had any plans to be really. I just found I had been attracted to therapies naturally and following that I carried on learning and this has been the natural next thing. People don’t go into business at my age usually. But now I must retire never. Transitioning from full-time employment to self-employment has been a real change for Irene with some unexpected challenges.

“I’ve always got a job so I’d done years of free sessions for folks, so taking money from people has taken a little of getting used to now, but I’ve amazed myself. I’m well informed now. My family and friends have been a great support and encouragement telling me “you have the skills and the chance, it’s time for you to do it”. It’s great to have them be thinking about it.

Wirral & Cheshire Therapy & Assessment’s ‘Cruising Through Mindfulness’ fishing boat trips are proving a real hit with small groups. “It’s a wheelchair-accessible narrowboat, each day with a pleasant lunch time we provide refreshments. People can have a go at steering the boat, of your day they leave having learned mindfulness tools they may use every day and by the end. Keen to continue building her business Irene is filled with positivity and excitement for what the future holds. If like Irene you would like to put your education and experience into establishing your own business then speak to The Women’s Organization to find out what support is available to help local women.