This ripple shows up because there’s a 5th harmonic in the motor’s flux-linkage (and for that reason back-emf). Through the perspective of the field-oriented control, these harmonics at the stages show up as AC disruptions on the D/Q voltages. Both current loops shall make an effort to squash these disturbances, but it’s capability to take action depends on the current loop bandwidth and the magnitude of the disturbances. Since both magnitude and frequency go up with electric motor acceleration, even really high-bandwidth current loops have trouble keeping up.

For example, in the scope shot at the very top, the current loop had 2 kHz closed-loop bandwidths around. The motor’s electrical frequency was 300 Hz, so the harmonic (in D/Q) was at 1.8 kHz, therefore the controller couldn’t quite reject it. So how exactly do harmonics in the flux linkage at each stage arrive when changed into D and Q?

Be careful in allowing this, it ought never to be used to allow Tweets users to increase their follow counts. The boat shall only follow for the most part 100 users. You can set a welcome message to be sent as a direct message to anyone who follows your bot. You can configure the utmost quantity of friends your bot shall follow alone. The maximum is 100 friends. You can add more friends by hand if you want still. This configures the bot to only follow users whose name or description provides the keywords.

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Configures the bot to process and Feed, and post each new give food to an item to Twitter. A Feed is a standard XML format for news and articles. You can get an RSS feed link from your blog, or from many news and forum services. Be sure you give the full HTTP link to your Feed, this should be an XML file, not an HTML or webpage file.

You can filter the RSS feed results using keywords. To post the entire feed, leave this empty. You can configure your bot to tweet every established quantity of hours. The bot will tweet a random tweet from its ‘Auto Tweets’ list. The number of hours to wait between auto tweets. Note, if you not only checks its status once each day, it will only auto tweet once each day, even though you put 1 hour here. To force your bot to auto tweet every time it checks its status, you can here put -1.

You can get into a summary of tweets here. Each tweet is separated by a fresh line. You can use AIML and formulas template to create dynamic tweets. You can train your bot how to answer tweets, mentions, and direct messages through several mechanisms. You can speak to your bot, and appropriate any incorrect responses it gives.

You can add question-answer pairs, or default responses from working out & Chat Logs page in your bot’s Admin Console. You can review your bot’s chat logs, or transfer or upload chat logs, response list, or AIML. If you are a programmer, you can script your bot’s replies in Self, or AIML from your bot’s Scripts page. That’s it, your bot is ready to start testing now. There are already many Bot Libre bots on Twitter. What is a chatbot, chatterbot, virtual agent, Twitterbot, knowledge bot, and AI bot?