If you don’t want to be broke open fire your broke-er! Unless you desire to be a “broker”, open fire your Broker! Sound a little allergy? Think about it. Did you lose a big chunk of your retirement savings in 2000-2003 back? Most lost 40-60%. Did you lose in 2008 again? Many lost 20-40% or even more! Now consider this question, “Did you ever get back to even?” The answer now is no doubt! So, what makes you think it will not happen again? Magically your broker is certain to get it right next time Somehow?

So consider, “What happens if the market goes down at a time if you want the amount of money to live on?” Of course the answer is simple, you now have a new LOWER lifestyle. How would it not cause you to feel to have a “pay cut” when you retired? AND THERE’S NOTHING YOU CAN CERTAINLY DO ABOUT ANY OF IT! At least not after it happens.

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There is however something you can do about BEFORE it happens! You can proceed to “safe” money. More on that in a minute. Most retirees I’ve met fail to realize that as you grow older your retirement plan must change. Accumulation isn’t as important as preservation; protecting your nest eggs from breaking!

Now you need INCOME THAT’S GUARANTEED TO LAST THE REMAINDER YOU WILL EVER HAVE EVEN IN CASE YOUR ACCOUNT RUNS OUT OF MONEY. Knowing that can your brokerage account, stocks, bonds, mutual money, rents, CD’s money market any of them provide that? NO, NO AND AGAIN NO! Why are you stubbornly holding on to something that CAN’T offer you what you would like and need? Only You can answer that but it’s a question that should be responded. We hate change. We avoid it like the plague. We can’t stand to have to change – to go from our comfort zone – to have to understand something new!

Instead we put our mind in the fine sand and hope everything goes away completely. How ’bout “I’LL CONSIDER IT!” You keep speaking and You retain losing! We’re so good at putting things off till catastrophe hits. In fact, over the years I’ve been doing this, I’ve only fulfilled one man who made a timely decision and even then it was real luck! He previously come to one of my Senior Estate and Retirement workshops to ideally get some retirement advice that would work.

At one point, I had been talking about currency markets risk when he raised his hand. He asked if he could reveal something with the group and I told him to go ahead. Our leaders bought some right time and slowed the rate of financial deterioration. If you do nothing, you’ll watch your pension accounts get again demolished. If you do nothing, you’ll watch your investments shrink to next to nothing … again.

Furthermore, there’s a probability that recent surge in solar panels demand in 2015 & early 2016 might not be sustainable. It is because US solar investment tax credit policy, which relates to solar technology demand in US straight, will expire on 31 Dec 2016 and this will cause solar technology demand to surge prior to the expiry day. Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is a US policy to support its solar technology industry. ITC is a 30% tax credit for solar system on residential & commercial properties. I think it is something similar to a tax relief in Malaysia here.

Current ITC, which was expanded once in 2008, will expire in the end of 12 months 2016 and the tax credit will be reduced to 10% and 0% for commercial and home properties respectively. So, ITC expansion is really important to US’s solar industry and the ones companies who export their solar components etc to the US. Besides, US will also lose up to 100,000 solar-related solar careers if no ITC extension is granted.

Can US afford to lose so many jobs? In contrary, with the expansion of ITC, 61,000 more solar careers are anticipated to be created, and solar capacity can continue its uptrend. However, you will see no surge in 2016’s solar demand if ITC is extended but gradual growth popular will continue.

Definitely this gives a big increase to the solar industry not only in America but around the world as well. If US’s ITC is not extended, recent solar cell manufacturing capacity expansion by Tek Seng might be “dangerous” even though other countries might still sustain the demand. Recently two China solar technology companies Jinko & JA Solar has set up its manufacturing vegetation in Seberang Perai, Penang, perhaps to avoid anti-dumping responsibilities by US & EU. This may add some competition but it demonstrates solar industry has a bright future ahead. The upcoming TPPA might also enhance export of solar cells from Malaysia to US/Canada.