The current weather conditions keep reminding me of how important and essential a good epidermis treatment is. And so, I finally got the chance to write a post about my daily routine, which -as I described before- contains using exclusively Clinique-products. Ever since I did so my first internship at the brand’s headquarters, my pores and skin never appeared better.

Although I am Italian, I’ve an extremely delicate and pale skin type, so it’s important that I take advantage of products fit my basic epidermis needs: sun security and allergy examined. First I ensure that you properly clean my skin. One of the best products is the Facial Soap-bar, since it makes my skin feel refreshed. A week I scrub my skin with the 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse-Off Method Once, because it’s really important to remove useless skin regularly.

Sometimes I increase that a mask. Before I began my internship, I always thought that it was impossible for a cream to lessen pores. Yet, I decided to give the Pore Minimizer a try and this serum-like cream really makes an environment of difference! And yes it makes my skin feel incredibly soft. Within my first internship at Clinique, I wrote a press release about the updated Superdefense-moisturizer.

I really like its creamy structure and lightness, and I usually take my jar beside me in my carry-on luggage whenever I’m touring, since it continues my dry epidermis hydrated at all times pretty. More importantly, it helps your skin layer face everyday pollution and stress, which might cause your skin to age faster. But also for me, the best feature of the products is it defends my pale epidermis from the dangerous sun (very very important for every skin type incidentally)! In the evening with Super Rescue Antioxidant Evening Moisturizer I make an effort to replace the product, but I usually end up again using the Superdefense.

Again, before I started my internship I didn’t use an eye cream frequently. I wish I could bathe in this gel! Moisture Surge feels as it is highlighted in its ad marketing campaign actually; just like a splash of water across that person, when it’s applied by you. My boyfriend regularly asks me where I find the patience to apply seven different skin care products, every single day and night. Nonetheless it only occupies a few minutes actually. I therefor use make-up products that are protecting and good for my pores and skin similarly.

  • I’m a neat freak! Organization is very important to me
  • TAYLOR OF OLD BOND STREET – Shaving occur gift box £69.95 Selfridges
  • 2 pinches to 1 1 teaspoon
  • Virginia Woolf
  • If your water supply is from local facility check the water for chlorine content

Do you hang out with other designers? A: After all, honestly, I don’t leave the house. MK: We’re either here or at the house. A: Yeah, like, our closest friends are in all types of fields. But is a feeling that the public scene can nourish creative people there? A: Every once in a while I believe it’s OK, but even as we get older, you can’t do that. Social media is becoming an unavoidable topic. Are you men on Twitter?

There are a million Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsens on Twitter, but do not require are you, right? A: No Facebook. No Twitter. There’s a lot of pressure on brands to have a digital strategy now, but you’re from the digital generation and prevent that. You have Twitter feeds for each line but you don’t have personal accounts to promote your stuff, the real way, say, Lady Gaga will. And you understand, if you started on Twitter tomorrow, you’d overnight have an incredible number of supporters. A: That gives me so much anxiety. MK: We’ve spent our whole lives trying never to let people have that accessibility, so that it would go against everything we’ve done inside our lives never to be in the general public.

Going forward, how important is e-commerce versus traditional bricks and mortar? MK: But it is interesting. Whenever we started offering The Row to Net-a-Porter, immediately it became our third largest individually store…For me, I like to walk into a store and feel the fabric, check it out on, see everything. That’s what I love from the shopping experience.

So I love what Net-a-Porter has done, I believe it’s really quite incredible, but I’m not an online shopper. Any plans to have your own stores? A: every designer is thought by me would say they’d like to open their own store, since when you produce a collection just, this entire room will be filled up with God only knows how many racks and 150 pieces.